The main objective of the IMAGE IMPACT workshop is to raise awareness of participants that professional image can be an effective tool for customer acquisition, it affects the formation of personality and self-esteem. During the workshop participants will gain practical knowledge on how to enhance professional image, which has a significant impact on our business relationships and builds trust among customers. The professional appearance of employees showcases each employer, so that what we do to build that first impression has a significant influence on the further business relationships.

That’s why we offer training for employees of companies during which we will suggest how best to take care of a professional image and what to pay attention to when choosing clothes and accessories to work. The workshop is designed for both women and men, for each level of the hierarchy in the company. The workshops are prepared and personalized according to customer needs. The content of the training can be adjusted the rules of the “dresscode” existing in your company and to the requirements of the industry and the characteristics of the participants. If the dress-code does not exist we also help companies to create one that reflects the type of business and the relationships you have with your customers.

Our inspiring and highly interactive sessions are conducted in a supportive and enjoyable format, which means that they are always memorable. Whether it is a one-on-one session or a an intimate but group workshop, all our sessions are tailored to the individual needs of the participants in order to bring everything that can significantly affect the future image of the participants of the session.

that`s how long it takes someone to form a first impression of you

„When you feel confident about what you are wearing,

Your look will be memorable for all the right reasons”.

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